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Hiietamme registered immovables by the sea in Pärnumaa - large private plots with high furbishing!

Sales info: Gätlin Vesset
Sales info: Diana Nõmme
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Call: +372 509 1087 +372 514 1045

Hiietamme registered immovables by the sea in Pärnumaa - large private plots with high furbishing!



Hiietamme residential area is a new and private residential area in Pärnumaa, Tõstamaa municipality, Kastna village. The place is especially acclaimed for its private sand beach and big residential plots.

The development is located only ca 60 km from Pärnu, making it a suitable summer place both for Pärnu people and for those who can value the western coast beaches of Estonia.

Hiietamme residential area has 8 private and safe registered immovables of 2-2,3 ha for sale.
Each plot has electricity 3x25 A, water from bore well, sewerage (septic tank and soakaway).
All plots are with high furbishing. The residential area is bordered by a fence and there is gate that can be closed at the entrance. Proper roads have been built between the plots.

Kullerkupu registered immovable is improved, with a recently finished timber house of 113 m², of which dwelling surface is 86 m². The house has been quality built, with insulated ceilings, floors and foundation. Thus, the house can be also used in winter. The house has a stone roof, quality heat pump and fireplace. There is also a wood-heated sauna, car sheds and a wood shed. The house is furnished.

Hiietamme is a perfect area for building a summer house! You can enjoy beach pleasures here, go fishing or just flee from the city noise!  



City Tõstamaa vald
District Kastna
Street Kastna
large private plots with high furbishing!

Prices & plans



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Address Cadastral nr. M2 Plan Price Status Comment
Nurmenuku 82602:003:0273 21 751.00 77 000 available
82602:003:0270 21 976.00 77 000 available
Pääsusilma 82602:003:0274 20 439.00 PDF 115 000 available
Sinilille 82602:003:0276 20 580.00 62 000 available
Kannikese 82602:003:0275 20 461.00 62 000 available
82602:003:0271 23 161.00 81 000 available
Karukella 82602:003:0277 20 529.00 62 000 available
Kullerkupu - 82602:003:0272 21 745.00 - sold

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